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Examining an X-ray
X-Ray Results
Doctor Examining CT Scan

Your X-Ray Equipment Resource Specialist!

Healthcare Equipment has been a family owned, independent distributor since 1982 and has provided quality x-ray supplies, accessories, equipment and service for chiropractors, veterinarians, podiatrists, schools and training facilities.

Taking care of all your x-ray needs!


The best machines for the best doctors! We carry the top of the line X-Ray machines that produce great results and save you time. Don will be happy to do a consultation to determine which machine is best for you and your practice. 


With 40+ years of experience in the industry, we like to believe we've seen it all. X-rays too light? Too dark? Making a funny noise? Give us a call!

Preventative maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment.


We stock and quickly ship all your needed supplies. Film, Chemistry, Cassettes, Headrest Paper, File Envelopes, Radiation Badges, R&L lead letters, Lead aprons, ID stampers & cards, and much more! 


Same day shipment of X-ray film, chemicals, X-ray cassettes, film bins, ID printers & X-ray ID cards, safelights, measuring calipers, lead accessories, table paper, headrest paper, patient exam gowns, and much more!

  • New and used film processor sales

  • Installation and de-installation

  • Room layout designs

  • Monthly preventive maintenance and film processor cleaning

  • Calibrations

  • Expertise consultation of the perfect X-ray system to fulfill your needs

  • Warranty service

  • Local Service and Support


2013 iCR-CO Domestic Dealer of the year.

2012 Midwest iCR-CO Dealer of the year.

2011 Nationwide iCR-CO Dealer of the year.

2010 Summit Dealer of the year.

Exclusive Midwestern Rayence Dealer.

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