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High Frequency Summit Bennett System

  • 7 year warranty

  • Digital Ready

  • Upgraded tube, fractional focal spot, 200-300 KHU

  • APR

  • Electric locks

  • Step up transformer

DC-3 Specifications

  • HF-30- High Frequency Generator, 20kHz, 30 kW rating, 50 - 300 mA, 40 - 125 kVp 

  • X-Ray Tube: 140,000 heat units, 1.0-2.0 mm focal spot, 180 degree horns 

  • High Voltage Cables: one pair, 15 ft. length 

  • Tubestand: floor to wall with tube angle indicator, counterbalanced, lead counterweight, operator hand grips, electric locks and 6 ft. floor/wall tracks 

  • Tube Support: 1 ½” yoke and rotational tube mount 

  • Vertical Frame: with front panel, side rails and counterbalanced for 17" x 17" receptor with electric locks 

  • Grid Cabinet: stationary, 17" x 17", regular duty 

  • Grid: 17 1/4" x 18 7/8", 8:1 ratio, 103 LPI, 40" to 72" focal range 

  • Cassette Tray: 17" x 17", regular duty 

  • Collimator: manual, swivel mount, tray centering light, certified

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Universal offers a variety of systems which can be configured for your needs, for your budget. Choose from our overhead tube mount, floor mounted tube stand or floor to wall / floor to ceiling tube stand. Stationary and elevating 4-way float top tables, wallstands as well as a vast range of generator options provide the choices you need to ensure you can have an affordable system that is right for your practice.


Americomp System

  • AmeriComp’s Chiropractic Systems are the Most Competitively Priced on the Market.

  • Our FWFC Systems Deliver the Best Value in Chiropractic Imaging.

  • AC1: Ideal for a start-up Practitioner, The AC1 allows a broad range of motion for a low cost

  • AC1 SE: A Special Edition of our AC1 that comes with a HF Generator and optional features that improve performance but still deliver the savings our AC1 model is known for

  • AC2: Intended for Established Practices with Heavier Caseloads, the AC2 accepts film cassettes of up to 36” for Full Spine Imaging

  • AC4 Fixed S.I.D. Chiropractic System

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